Your teams journey into the EMS One


Featuring the best professional Battlefield teams on the scene, the EMS One tournament showcases the highest level of competitive play provided by ESL. Consisting of four seasons spread across the course of a year, starting this December the EMS One tournament lets Battlefield 4 teams wage all-out war online with each season culminating in live event finals with a prize pool of €30,000 per season.

If you or your team is new to ESL we recommend looking through our Quick Start guide.


Each Seasonal cup has several ways of securing a slot for your team:


Invite slots – Based on teams performance you have a chance to receive one of 6 permanent slots granting a spot in each of the 4 EMS Seasonal cups. More information about the invite slots will be announced at the end of next week.

The invite slots are only for the first season of the EMS One. For later seasons, the top placed teams from the previous season will be invited as Core Teams.


European A-Series – Looking to get accustomed to the demands of professional play in Battlefield 4? Then the A-Series is the place to compete for you and your team. The A-Series features teams from all regions fighting each other a spot in the EMS Seasonal cup. The top 5 teams of the current ranking at the day of a Seasonal cup will earn their spot into the EMS Seasonal cup.



Regional A-Series – Designed for teams to test their competitive Battlefield 4 skills against teams in their region. Each region will have 2 spots for the top placed teams. 1 slot which is a permanent giving access to all 4 cups, the cut off date for the permanent slot will be announced beforehand. The last spot will be given to the top seated team the week of the EMS Seasonal Cup.




GO4 Battlefield 4 – Geared towards serious teams that want to take it to the next level as well as professional teams, the Go4 Battlefield 4 will be players proving ground as they compete for cash prizes. The winning team of the GO4 cup prior to the each EMS Seasonal cup will be given a slot.


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